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Jobs and the economy” continue as a high priority in the 2014 election here in Northwest Colorado. A robust economy and new job creation bring prosperity to our citizens as well as revenues to State and local governments. A robust economy will enable us to tackle the tough challenges of our time.

I believe excessive regulation and red-tape discourage new job creation and damage our state’s economic recovery. New and existing small businesses can thrive in a reasonable, transparent regulatory environment. I will work hard to reform the process individuals and small businesses go through when creating or maintaining the viability of their small businesses.  

I understand that jobs are created by small businesses, not by government. Free market capitalism brought our nation and our state to the highest level of prosperity of any civilization on the face of the earth. If allowed to flourish, economic freedom will accelerate our economic recovery and relieve the economic stress now felt by our people. Opportunities exist right now for economic expansion and new jobcreation in Northwest Colorado.

We are blessed with abundant naturalresources including, ironically, beetle-kill timber, coal, oil andnatural gas. The diversity these resources bring to our economy combinedwith our exceptional natural beauty, recreational attractions,agriculture resources and tourism give us a unique opportunity torestore prosperity we enjoyed only a few years ago. With thoughtfulleadership we do not have to choose between responsible resourcedevelopment and environmental stewardship. We can and must do both.

Northwest Colorado has a very bright future. With common sense political leadership and a willingness to responsibly use our God-given resources to the benefit of all of our citizens, we can lead the state and the nation in economic recovery. I will bring that leadership to the Colorado House.” Chuck McConnell

Biography of Chuck McConnell

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When Chuck McConnell was five years old he moved with his family to Manitou Springs, Colorado where he started grade school and fell in love with Colorado. He graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and was honored by students and faculty with the universities’ Outstanding Engineer Award. A year later, he earned his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. Chuck was selected as an Outstanding Alumni of the University of Tulsa and was inducted as a member of its College of Engineering Hall of Fame. In addition to these outstanding recognitions, Chuck served as chairman of the Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board for two years.

Chuck has spent much of his professional years as a chemical engineer in both the large and small business communities. He ran a refinery in Alaska where he was appointed by the Alaskan Governor to the Alaska Private Industry Council. Chuck ultimately rose to the management challenge and became president of a division of a major resource company, taking on the responsibility of a near one billion dollar division with more than 2,000 employees. He later served as CEO of a public company encompassing 500 employees. After retiring he answered a request from his oldest daughter to manage the operations of a small but fast growing mountain bike pro shop with worldwide sales and 25 employees.

Throughout his career community involvement has always been a top priority for Chuck. He is a past president of a Rotary International Club and founding secretary and later president of another Rotary Club in Alaska. Chuck served as an advisory board member for the Salvation Army Command in Tulsa, Oklahoma and for the Farthest North Girl Scout Council in Fairbanks, Alaska. Most recently he has served as chairman of the Routt County Republican Central Committee and Small County Representative to the State Republican Party Executive Committee.

Chuck is the proud father of two grown girls, and one son, who is now deceased. He has seven wonderful grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 22 years old.